Besides conducting services at many Post functions, our highly acclaimed Honor                                                                                Guard is also called upon to participate at numerous funeral ceremonies at Rose                                                                                Cemetary and the Cycadia Cemetary every month for our veterans.

                                                             CHILDREN AND YOUTH & BOYS STATE 

                                                                              Proceeds from special events sponsored by Post 46 and donations recieved help                                                                                  the needs of the children and youth of our community. Post 46 sends several                                                                                      students to Tallahassee for the Boys State program each year. During the week                                                                                  long program they receive instruction on citizenship and experience how their                                                                                    State and Federal governments function. 


Each year we sponsor the little league baseball teams and provide them with our upmost support. Our two Vice Commanders take charge and go to almost every game our team has.


Representatives from Post 46 present School Awards and plaques to the top students from 10 local elementary, secondary, and high schools  for outstanding scholastic achievement.


Post 46's main focus is to Disabled Veterans confined at Brookedale Assisted Living. Other veteran's needs are also attended to by our Post Service Officer. These services include administrative and financial assistance.


Post 46 participates in many annual events in the Tarpon Springs community. Some of these events include Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the annual Christmas parade, First Friday, Memorial Day weekend, and Fourth of July events.


As a unit of the Department of Florida and the American Legion National organization, Post 46 holds to the goals of providing "service to our veterans, their families and communities, states and nation."

For information regarding membership, please call or visit our office during the week at the phone number or address listed on our main page, or view the membership requirements and application on this website.