Who We Are

The American Legion Post 46, one of the oldest in Florida, was originally formed in 1919 after World War I, and was funded by the members and Auxiliary volunteers with local support of the community of Tarpon Springs, Florida. It became known as the, “Ghost Post,” as membership dwindled down as members died, until recent years under new Command.


Officers of Post 46

Commander:                           Edward Bard

Vice Commander 1:               Troy Cornock

Vice Commander 2:               Thomas Wilkins

Vice Commander 3:               Guy Stone

Post Adjutant:                         Eric Nestler

Sergeant at Arms:                   Jeffrey Brockman

Judge Advocate:                      Michael Kerns

American Legion Post 46

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Tyler Null, Jeffrey Brockman, Edward Bard, Tom Wilkins, Troy Cornnock, Eric Nestler, Tin Do